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HUSQVARNA 801 Series

HUSQVARNA 801 Series - Gallery 3

701 Enduro

701 Enduro

HUSQVARNA 801 Series

HUSQVARNA 801 Series

HUSQVARNA 801 Series - Features
Model Year2020

MY 2022

Fits on both pilen models 


The performance optimization is achieved by modification of

the ignition, injection and sensors signals if needed.

This allows us precise to control the full rpm range of the engine.


COOBER ECU is not changing any thermodynamic function or crossing the hardware limits.

Our ECU module also does not interfere with any safety system or changing emissions, this is still left to the factory ECU. 


So what is the benefit of all this Intelligent Technology for your vehicle?

Our COOBER ECU module allows your engine being an engine.