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Just contact us if you want to become a part of COOBER World or if you are looking for a COOBER Partner in your area.

COOBER Products are sold at OEM Dealership Only. We do not support Tuning Shops. 





Product Overview

All electronic products delivered by COOBER GmbH are based on a single principle: 100% independence of the hardware module from the original control electronics (ECU) by usage of an original COOBER  plug connectors and harness. COOBER has been developing, manufacturing and distributing, brand Independent, additional performance electronics for many years. Every product has been developed and produced in-house. 

COOBER brand

To prevention of mis-identification of COOBER products  with products of inferior quality or products produced by other manufacturers and distributors, COOBER GmbH is a registered trademark.

Fuel Consumption

The fuel consumption of any Engine is mainly influenced by the style of driving. If a Bike is driven “sporty“, then a increase in fuel consumption is to be expected. COOBER ECU is using Artificial Intelligence to recognize cruise drive so save fuel on long rides. 

Does the power / torque enhancement have a negative impact on the engine?

We take great care to ensure that our performance increases are within the power reserve of the engine. COOBER GmbH is the only company on the market owning a Oil Analysis system to make sure we keep the limits. Meaning you can enjoy the improved performance of your car without effecting its longevity and long term reliability.

Are there any changes to the brake or exhaust system necessary?


Is it possible to “undo” or turn off the tuning?

Yes, it is. Simply unplugging the COOBER ECU returns your vehicle to its original specifications. Remember that COOBER ECU remains invisible to the vehicle ECU.

Do I need to have my vehicle serviced more often?

No, keep your Standard service intervals.