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COOBER ECU is a  high tech electronic device, Engine Control Unit, that calculates and manages signals on a engine, to provide the best combustion chamber optimization.

Every COOBER ECU is Pre-Configured and Locked with the best optimization for your Engine. Just Plug & Play.



  • Ignition, fuel and sensor management  

  • Turbo and NA engine support

  • Traction control support  

  • Pre-configured with the best setup  

  • Fuel economy, more power & greater torque  

  • Premium quality electronics  

  • Developed on highest automotive standard  

  • Easy installation  

  • Comes complete with connection harness  

  • Optional quickshifter & pit lane limiter  

  • Custom made setup for our partners


COOBER ECU is fast to install and uninstall, you can go back to the origin power of your vehicle just by removing the ECU.

COOBER ECU can’t be detected by the OEM ECU, the reason is very simple, we have a closse cooperation with most of the OEM producer. COOBER ECU does not cross any hardware limit.