LMecu MT-09 EUR5


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Once again COOBER is setting the benchmark for reliability, performance and safety.


– full support for each gear and drive mode
– full support of factory EUR5 software sequence
– full support of factory safety and protection settings
– full support for Aftermarket mufflers and DeCat
– perfect torque output at low/mid revs
– improved 0-1/2 performance
– better power delivery at part throttle
– very reliable setup, developed by COOBER
– fully Plug N Play only two connections
– support for all warning lights and standard functions


Please read the FAQ, this should answer most of your questions.

  • Why is there no power gain at top rpm?

Simply because the wear of piston and bearings is to high. It is simple to gain more top power, but also the risk of catastrophic engine failure become more realistic.

  • Can i use decat muffler?

Yes you can, even using DeCat. The LMecu adjust it self.

  • Can i use any kind if air intake mod?

Yes you can, make sure you know what you do, because most of the Air Intake mods are useless.

  • Does it support EUR5 functions of the stock ECU?

Yes it does, all the controlling functions are supported. Does even work nice on EUR4 version

  • How hard is it to install it?

It takes you 2 minutes.Β  Plug it in between the Oxygen Sensor and ECU and GND wire that’s it.