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Fuel, Ignition & Sensor control, make optimal use of your powersports engine


Plug n Play installation, complete with connection harness, simple "Piggy Back"


Fuel Economy, perfect mid-range, smooth ride and engine life extension


More power, greater torque, stronger acceleration and quicker responses


Enjoy your engine power without any reservations


Premium quality in design, performance, safety and engine protection


  • Ignition, fuel and sensor management
  • Turbo and NA engine support
  • Traction control support
  • Pre-configured with best setup
  • Fuel economy, more power & greater torque
  • Premium quality electronics
  • Developed on highest automotive standard
  • Easy installation
  • Comes complete with connection harness
  • Optional quickshifter & pit lane limiter
  • Custom made setup for our partners

Arriving Soon

We are working hard to support new Powersports models!

Optimization products


"Must have" for your Performance Engine

COOBER Performance

Coober Optimization Kits

We are able to optimize engines by replacing electronics and fuel system parts. Just contact us for more informations.

COOBER Performance

Coober "made by dynoKRAFT" Dyno

The ONLY Dyno system on the market with perfect accuracy, performance and design. The dynoKRAFT masterpiece is now available with COOBER setup.

COOBER Performance

Fuel Pump Optimizer

Unique of it's kind! Optimize the fuel pump to deliver constant volume by freqency pulsing and dynamic flow calculations. A must have on turbo engines.